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- Report from the National Social Finance Forum

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Social Finance Forum(TORONTO) We had a great discussion at the national Social Finance Forum in Toronto today.  Our panel included myself for the Vancouver Island Community Investment Coop, and colleagues from London and Ottawa, Ontario, Winnipeg and the Government of Ontario.  We were then joined by participants from across the country to discuss the need for governments to enable and incentive place based social finance funds to provide a means for residents and institutions (like local governments) to place some of their investments in community benefit funds like the one we have created on Vancouver Island.  Both Manitoba and Ontario governments announced their intentions to strengthen their social enterprise and social finance commitments, and a federal government official (!) revealed their work to respond to the Prime Minister’s direction to come up with a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy.  Where is BC ?
Lots of energy and momentum going forward for our own work and others we are connected to across the country.  
Rupert Downing