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Youth Program Quality Initiative

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Youth Program Quality Initiative

We are a dynamic community of organizations, youth workers, funders, and youth advocates in Greater Victoria.  Our work with the YPQI ensures we are providing rich learning environments to support the healthy development of young people.


Watch Bobby's story - how YPQI impacts youth workers like him 


YPQI is here to support new and experienced youth workers and youth serving organizations. We provide best practice training so youth workers in Victoria have the right skills and confidence to do their jobs well. We build essential skills that are easily transferable across organizations to strengthen the sector. We make things easier by asking the hard questions. We coach youth program teams to become self-reflexive, pushing organizations to improve their practices with youth. We teach organizations how to use the YPQA (Youth Program Quality Assessment) tools to easily evaluate their programs year after year. Our experienced Coaches guide organizations through the assess-plan-improve process. At the end of the day, YPQI gives youth serving organizations a foundation to stand on for making informed program changes to benefit youth.



Program Manager: Annalea Sordi
Community Social Planning Council

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