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The Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI) is a regional initiative thanks to the generous support of The Horner Foundation, Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria, Volunteer Victoria, Victoria Foundation, TELUS, United Way of Greater Victoria, and Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. Over 60 organizations across Greater Victoria have participated since 2012.
Health and well-being during adolescence are powerful predictors of success in adulthood. We know that participation in high-quality out of school time (OST) programs can positively influence outcomes for youth. The YPQI ensures that youth serving organizations undergo a cycle of program assessment and quality improvement. Youth workers and programmers receive essential professional development training and networking opportunities. In this way, the YPQI provides organizations and youth workers with a community of practice, the know-how and skills to enrich the lives of young people right now. 
By creating environments that best engage and include young people, we are increasing their health, well-being, and ultimately, their chance for success in life.


Coaches & Facilitators






Coaches provide one-on-one support to organizations facilitating them through the YPQI cycle of assess, plan, and improve. Coaches guide organizations to incorporate YPQI best practices into their youth programming.  Coaches also provide professional development training for Youth Workers.
    Jen Harrison Rita Kozma


JEN HARRISON is a facilitator and educator with a passion for supporting the success of youth, youth workers and their programs. For years she coordinated The Pathway Project, a youth employment and life skills project. Jen thrives on bringing youth programmers together to talk about their experiences and learn from one another. She also delivers the Safeteen program to schools, offering workshops in assertiveness to young women and girls. Jen is a YPQI Coach and Facilitator, and has been a certified External Assessor.






RITA KOZMA has been a frontline child and youth worker for 15 years working in recreation, leadership, violence prevention and cultural diversity. She was trained in Popular Methods as a youth herself and has always been an advocate for equality and self-expression. She believes each person holds a unique contribution to the teaching and learning process. Rita is a YPQI Coach and Facilitator, and has been a certified External Assessor.






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Greater Victoria Youth Program Quality Initiative

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