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Sustainable and inclusive communities creating their own social, economic and environmental futures.

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Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

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About the Initiative

If ever there was a need for whole communities and neighbourhoods to come together to adapt to change, it is today. Across the country, communities are experiencing the pressures of deteriorating infrastructure, climate change, and global financial instability. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing. Our natural resource base is diminishing and many ecosystems are threatened. Many people are experiencing a greater sense of isolation from their neighbours. However, amidst these vast challenges, there are opportunities for change, and there is a spreading hope and optimism that we can make our communities and neighbourhoods better places that have better chances of surviving and thriving into the future. By focusing on what we can actually do and control right here at home in our own neighbourhoods, resilient communities create new ways to support each other as neighbours, live in harmony with our natural environment, and strengthen our local economy.

Resilience is about strengthening our community’s ability to respond and adapt to big changes and deep challenges. It’s about all of us working together to build a stronger, more connected neighbourhood where everyone’s basic needs are met. We know that resilient neighbourhoods share key characteristics that we need to nurture: People in the community develop a sense of belonging and empowerment. They value learning, innovation, inclusivity, collaboration and co-operation. The community economy adapts to meet basic needs through diversification, increasing localization of financial resources, and operates in harmony with the surrounding natural environment's limitations.

Through the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods project, we’re working together to increase the capacity of citizens to find new paths for taking collective action on shared priorities in the capital region.

The Building Resilient Neighbourhoods Project is a partnership between the Community Social Planning Council and Transition Victoria. The project has been generously supported by the Vancouver Foundation, and the United Way of Greater Victoria and has been developed with the collaboration of the Centre for Community Renewal, BC Healthy Communities, and the Fraser Basin Council’s  Smart Planning for Communities program. 


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