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Labour Market Partnership - Waste Management/Resource Recovery

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About the Initiative

The Waste/Resource Labour Market Partnership is a one-year research project to identify and quantify the opportunities for employment in the waste management / resource recovery industries within the Capital Region, with a specific focus on low-barrier jobs and related pathways to skilled employment in these areas. 

Project Purpose

The project will make specific recommendations ...:


Issues to be investigated and assessed include:


In short we are working to create a more integrated labour market and economic development and employment system for BC’s Capital region to respond to growing indications of on the one hand, under and unemployment amongst populations with barriers to labour market integration, and on the other, skill shortages facing employers in growth sectors of the regional economy.

Project Outcomes

The intended outcomes of this project are a comprehensive understanding of the labour market characteristics within the Capital Region, and the creation of an Action Plan/Framework to address employment needs and labour market development. Specific project outcomes include:



Key Project Research and Engagement Activities


News and Resources:


Project Partners:




Funding for this initiative generously provided by: