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VICIC Individual Membership Share Application

Mary Katharine Ross's picture
11 August 2014 - 1:09pm -- Mary Katharine Ross

Vancouver Island Community Investment Co-operative
Individual Membership Share Application


Along with this completed membership application, please include a cheque from the undersigned applicant(s) in the amount of $250 made out to “Vancouver Island Community Investment Co-operative”. Cheques can be mailed to the registered office of the co-operative at:

203-4475 Viewmont Avenue
Victoria, BC V8Z 6L8


1.      The Vancouver Island Community Investment Co-operative works to create a more vibrant economy on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands that maximizes social, environmental and economic benefits for local communities while being respectful of natural ecological limits. In alignment with this vision, and in collaboration with its members, the Co-operative:

a.      Supports the development of affordable housing and social purpose real estate projects;

b.     Supports business enterprises and economic projects;

c.      Receives donations, investments, and other funds;

d.     Creates investment opportunities;

e.      Provides loans, loan guarantees, grants, and other financial assistance;

f.       Provides assistance with the development, evaluation and assessment of business enterprises and other economic projects

g.     Provides investment services to members and customers (including but not limited to project assessment, risk analysis, related administration and financial services).

h.      Engages in public education and community development and encourages research and development into innovative economic solutions.

2.      Relevant documents, including the: Co-operative’s Memorandum of Association and Rules are available to members for viewing at the Co-operative’s office.

3.      Oversight of the management and the business of the Co-operative is the responsibility of an elected board of directors.

4.      Members will be issued a membership certificate.

5.      Investment Shares in the Co-operative may be made available to members from time to time.

6.      Purchase of Investment Shares is not a condition of membership.

7.      Membership and Investment Shares may be redeemed by the Co-operative in accordance with the Co-operative’s Rules and subject to the restrictions set out in the Co-operative Association Act.  



I, the undersigned, declare that I am 16 years of age or older, am ordinarily resident on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands, and, that I do not currently hold any Membership or Investment Shares of the Vancouver Island Community Investment Co-operative. 


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