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Living the New Economy

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7 October 2013 - 11:56am -- Mary Katharine Ross

Living the New Economy presents seven days of events that will converge businesses, non-profits, students, and 2nd career-seekers with opportunities in an emerging economic landscape on Vancouver Island. Explore the possibilities in local food production, sustainable energy systems, innovative housing and land ownership models, integrated transportation and alternative finance. The skill-building and educational programming will be delivered by business experts, mentors and entrepreneurs who are implementing amazing economic development projects that are local, wildly creative, sustainable and healing to our planet and communities.

Here is a sample of what to expect from some of the 20 plus sessions over the week, Nov 29-Dec 5:

 Mobilizing the New Economy - How do we leverage the innovation, know-how and resources in our communities to accelerate the shift to a new economic paradigm? Facilitated by filmmaker, Ian MacKenzie (Sacred Economics and Reactor), take a journey into what's possible right now and discover what the wisdom of indigenomics and permanomics can teach us.

 Opportunity Fair - Join entrepreneurs, enterprises and other big thinkers and doers for a day of innovative ideas and exciting opportunities. Learn what's happening in the New Economy locally and find where your creativity and energy can be applied now and rewarded.

 Housing, Land and Commercial Real Estate for Community Benefit - Inventive solutions to lower risk through cooperatives, co-housing, social purpose real estate, new economy land holding, and succession planning strategies.

 Empowering the New Economy with Social Media and Mobile Tech - Connectivity is greasing the wheels of a new local-centric, values-based economy where reputation and trust are the new currency and the mindset shifts from ownership to access. Think the success of AirBnB, Zip Car, tool libraries, and other collaborative consumption enterprises. The evolving consumer can now use technologies to do more with less by renting, lending, swapping, bartering, gifting and sharing products on a scale never before possible.

 The Evolution of Marketing and Sales - Authenticity, integrity, generosity and heart are at the core Mark Silver's training that helps heal the wounds that prevent us from fully actualizing our business ideas and sustaining our lives in financial abundance.

 Revitalizing Downtown Using a New Economy Lens - How do we design a downtown core that attracts new energy, nurtures magnetic business clusters and births new social enterprises? Participate in a charette/design process that will map out a model for a rejuvenated, resilient downtown.

 Permanomics - Find out how local food security can benefit from self-maintaining agricultural systems that are modeled from natural ecosystems and discover how to align your values while making a living doing what you love. Permanomics extends from growing your own food to making your passions profitable; it describes a model for living the new economy. Group work will include a process of applying permaculture principles to local economic opportunitities and challenges, across all sectors.

 Creating Business Systems that Work and Free Up Your Creativity - Learn about the nature of systems, the three spheres of systems, an overview of the stages of micro business development, and then plunge into how to create a system that works for you!

 Building a Regional Food Hub - The Victoria Community Food Hub Society plans to create a food Hub in the CRD region including a commercial production
kitchen, shared office space, and storage and distribution facilities for food banks and local growers while acting as a Social Enterprise incubator.

 Indigenomics - What can we learn from indigenous economies that prospered for thousands of years and what wisdom can we apply in solving modern crises?

 Shared Space Concepts and Projects: Leveraging Shared Resources and Values  - Local non-profits, social enterprises and entrepreneurs are marshalling their collective resources to create shared spaces in the CRD that turn rent into equity, offer enterprise-building services, and incubate local innovation.

 Unleashing the Power of Community Currency - the Tetla Dollar, Seedstock and the new Vancouver Island Dollar (vi$) - are new community currencies taking hold in our region and have the power to transform the economic landscape.

 The Fish Bowl - Think "Shark's Tank" or "Dragon’s Den" but with empathy -- support local entrepreneurs and enterprises as they pitch a business idea to a panel of investment professionals and a cheerleading audience -- for prizes!

....and much more to come!

Event Date: 
Friday, November 29, 2013 - 9:00am to Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 5:00pm