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Sustainable and inclusive communities creating their own social, economic and environmental futures.

Community Social Planning Council

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A MESSAGE from Our Executive Director and Board Chair

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The Community Council is at the point of making some major investments in a better future for our community and our residents. We’ve looked at the innovations taking place in our region, and in other parts of Canada. We have identified the kinds of social infrastructure that we think is needed to respond to the challenges our residents face, from affordability and the need for sustainable livelihoods, to the supply of affordable housing. We are therefore making some bold steps to build with partners the next generation of social assets that can take our community forward.
We will soon launch a Community Investment Fund that will provide a unique vehicle for residents of Vancouver Island to place some of their RRSP contributions in a 100% locally owned and controlled ethical investment fund to contribute to local job creation and affordable housing development.
We are conducting a feasibility study for a “Social Innovation Hub” to provide space for non-profit organizations and social enterprises on a campus that St. John the Divine Church is developing in partnership with the Council to realize a vision of a caring and united community.
None of these investments are possible without the committed support of the many volunteers and partner organizations that contribute to our work, and of course donors that provide a source of funds to invest in social innovation. The leadership of our Board is vital to steering the organization in these new directions, as is the hard work of our staff. We look forward to the continued support of all the many vital working parts of the Council in the coming year as we launch some exciting new directions for our community.
Rupert Downing, Executive Director
Jan Bate, Board President