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Making Sense of Talking Sense

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As a social service worker, you build trusting relationships with your clients, and often your clients will discuss their personal financial issues with you.

- Learning About the Living Wage in Greater Victoria

Have you ever wondered how the Living Wage rate is determined in Greater Victoria? Are you curious about how Living Wage policies can have an impact on child and family poverty? As an employer, would you like to know more about what it means to be a Living Wage Employer?

- Communities across Canada are embracing a living wage

Living Wage Canada LogoNovember 2-8, 2014 is Living Wage Week in Canada and the UK - the livinig wage is a global movement. Thirty cities in four provinces have engaged in local discussions on how to create living wage communities. 

In Canada today, more than 1.8 million employed people don’t earn enough at their jobs to pull themselves and their families above the poverty line: they are working and poor.  Paying employees a living wage can change that for millions of Canadians and employers in about 30 cities are set to do just that.





Laughing Allowed! The Slapstick World of Neighbourhood Activism

It’s great when neighbours unite and work hard to make their community better, but sometimes there are bumps in the road to getting there.

Laughing Allowed! is a physical comedy show about the bumps.

A dozen people who shared both an interest in their neighbourhood and a quirky sense of humour came together with a question: Could they turn their experiences of the ups and downs of neighbourhood leadership, activism and volunteering into physical comedy sketches?