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Resource Recovery Labour Market Partnership Project

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Phase One Report

Phase Two Report: Labour Market Strategy

Communities are working to reduce their environmental impact by increasing their recycling and recovery of used resources and products.  In many communities, this environmental objective has been combined with an economic objective, creating sustainable jobs and livelihoods for people seeking work.

Combining our region’s environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives, the Resource Recovery Labour Market Partnership examined the potential of low barrier and other job creation in the Capital Region’s recycling sector.  This project engaged scientific, technical, industry, employment and social agency stakeholders to explore opportunities, priority areas of focus, and the partnerships needed to achieve potential local job creation.

Phase 1 included a detailed analysis of the recycling and waste management sector. This report identified priority waste streams; types of waste that had potential for both increased recycling and job creation. A scan of leading examples illustrated successful initiatives from other jurisdictions that had been able to achieve low barrier job creation in regional recycling. The report also makes recommendations on related factors that would be positive contributions to this goal.

Phase 2 engaged regional stakeholders from industry, community, and public sectors to identify the most viable and logical starting points for beginning to create low barrier jobs and increased workforce development. This process built on the priority waste streams identified in the Phase 1 report and focused in on the most viable opportunities with the potential to serve as demonstration initiatives. Stakeholders also made recommendation on the types of partnerships needed to realize these opportunities.

Phase One Report

Full Report | Executive Summary

Turning Local Waste to Local Jobs: Exploring Labour Market Potential in the Capital Region’s Waste & Recycling Sector

This report outlines the initial Phase 1 findings of the Capital Region Labour Market Partnership Project that was supported by the Employment Program of British Columbia with funding from the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia.

Findings include an overview of key components of waste management and recycling in the Capital Region. Within this is an analysis of ‘hard to recycle’ or ‘problem’ categories of waste materials. This analysis looks at the viability and potential of job creation that could be achieved through increased recycling. Examples from other jurisdictions demonstrate how related approaches and strategic public policy can change problem waste to job creation opportunity.
Informed by key sector stakeholders and an advisory committee, a project team from the Community Social Planning Council sought to:

  • Examine the current context of the Capital Region Waste and Recycling Sector
  • Share best practices from other jurisdictions in creating low barrier employment within the waste and recycling industry
  • Identify priority areas of focus for the development of local jobs and low-barrier employment
  • Make recommendations that would support this development

Analysis of these findings points to the potential of ‘hard to recycle’ or ‘problem’ categories of waste materials. These are materials that have recycling potential but often wind up in landfill due to potential costs associated with recycling. Examples from other jurisdictions demonstrate how innovative approaches and strategic public policy can change problem waste to job creation opportunity.
Based on the findings of the report the Community Social Planning Council will launch a Engagement Strategy in January and February of 2016 to develop a Labour Market Strategy. The Engagement Strategy will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to review the findings, and identify the actions and partnerships needed to realize increased local workforce development opportunities. The primary stakeholder event will take place on February 4th, 2016 with additional sub sector sessions occurring throughout January and February. The Phase 1 Report findings and Engagement Strategy will inform a final Resource Recovery Labour Market Strategy Report which will be released in March 2016.
The Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria managed the project and conducted research with support from an Advisory Committee. We thank and acknowledge the many green economy, waste management and resource recovery experts, employers, social enterprises, industry associations, community organizations and WorkBC agencies that contributed.
Further details about Engagement Strategy sessions will be posted on the CSPC website, For further information about the Phase 1 report or the Engagement Strategy please contact:
Andrew Holeton,
CED Program Manager
T: 250-383-6166 x 109


Phase 2 Labour Market Strategy

The Waste and Recycling Sector of the Capital Region holds considerable potential for the growth of low barrier jobs and these jobs may be instrumental in helping decrease the amount of materials currently destined for landfill.

Resource Recovery is a complex industry with many stakeholders, each playing a particular role. A solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders requires engagement from all parties.  Phase Two of this initiative brought together 42 representatives from business, government, nonprofits, and associations to identify the most immediate opportunities, and the strategies and partnerships required to realize them.

Resource Recovery Sector Stakeholder Engagement Presentation

Phase Two Labour Market Strategy Report

Local Waste into Local Jobs; Labour Market Strategies for Capital Region Resource Recovery Sector (Web version)

Local Waste into Local Jobs; Labour Market Strategies for Capital Region Resource Recovery Sector (Print format version)

Project Partners

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