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- CSPC Response to City of Victoria Proposed Grant Changes

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To the citizens of Victoria,

In Victoria, the City Council is proposing to do away with multi-year funding for "fee for service" agencies that provide long term assistance with community development. Please join me in opposing this measure and review my own response to see if you can support similar input to

"Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the City’s proposed grant policy. We are concerned about the proposed phasing out of multi-year fee for service grants. We have seen a steady decline in multi-year, predictable funding to the non profit community sector. This type of funding is essential for community agencies like ours to plan and deliver on social innovation, often tackling complex systemic issues such as we do, on poverty reduction, housing affordability and the coordination of responses to social issues such as the affordability challenges residents face. We have seen sharp declines in funding from senior levels of government for this work. We have also seen the formerly integrated inter-agency approach to granting by the core municipalities fragment. The United Way has phased out its core grant category. Now the City is proposing to do away with its multi-year grant category as well. The constant instability of short term grant cycles hampers our work, and prevents us from leveraging local predictable funding with grants from private foundations from outside the region who are always looking for matched local sources of funds, and willing to provide grants over longer time periods. We have for example leveraged $150,000 in investment from the Catherine Donnelly Foundation (based in Toronto) to our local work on the Community Action Plan on Poverty partly because of the three year grant commitment from the City of Victoria. 

In short we’d like the City to reconsider and continue a “fee for service” three year grant cycle for core agencies that deliver essential support for elements of the City’s Strategic Priorities. Just as the City’s Strategic Plan needs to be multi-year to make effective progress, so does the grant cycle to leverage and unleash the potential of community partners to contribute."

Rupert Downing, Executive Director
Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria
#203 - 4475 Viewmont Ave Victoria BC V8X 6L8
Tel. 250-383-6166 Fax: 250-479-9411


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